Accumulative Life Experience Credit

The Accumulative Life Experience Program was designed with your accumulative life experiences in mind.  This program is perfect for students who have gained hands on knowledge and experience.  GMOR will not only accept transfer credits from previous learning institutions but we will also transfer your life experiences you have accumulated over time.  These experiences include job experience, ministerial experience, and informal and formal training.  Your accumulative life experience will be transferred as credit hours towards the degree program in which you enrolled.  When you apply for accumulative life experience credit it will save you time and money.  So let’s get started…

1. First you will need to apply for the Accumulative Life Experience Program.  Before submitting your application you will need to pay a non-refundable ALE assistance and transfer fee.  This fee includes all the assistance that you will need to complete the very detailed ALE application.  An ALE advisor will assist you in making sure you have submitted all the information necessary to get as many ALE credits available to you.  The ALE application fee also includes the transfer of your ALE credits.  A free consultation with an ALE advisor will be available to you once you have been enrolled into a program offered at GMOR.  At that time you may speak with an ALE advisor for an estimate of ALE credit hours that you may qualify to transfer from your accumulative life experiences. The application process depends on the time it will take you to compile all the information needed to complete the ALE application.

  • Bachelor ALE Application Fee 595.00
  • Master ALE Application Fee 695.00
  • Doctorate ALE Application Fee 795.00

2. Your ALE advisor will then review your application and accumulate your life experiences into credit hours.  This process will take about 7-14 business days.  During this time you will be able to proceed with taking the classes that you are currently registered for.

3. Your ALE advisor will submit the ALE credit hours received to your academic advisor and at that time you will be contacted with the great news of the time and money you saved with your life experience.

4. Each ALE credit will cost 50% less than the cost of the credits hours of your degree program. For example, if your degree program is $60.00 per credit hour than your ALE credit hours will be $30.00 per credit hour. The ALE credit hours can be paid in full or incorporated into your monthly payment plan.